Everybody has got to have rules and boundaries, so here a few that aren't hard to follow.

  • No porn sites, or links to porn sites.
  • No hate pages, discrimination, or racism against anyone.
  • In english please, if it isn't, please include the option.
  • I'm not big on midi's, but don't mind them. It is nice though, to have the option to turn them off... This will be rated higher if possible.
  • I personally wouldn't force anyone to sign a guestbook or tag-board to win an award, If your forcing your visitors to anything they possibly don't want to, I will not bother looking at your site any further, that behaviour is just selfish.
  • Last one, have a readable page, if the writing is lost within the background colors or images, ..Nobody will know what your page is about or where to go.

    That's it!

    There the rules, so other than that, when viewing your pages, I will keep an open mind, and judge it for the page that it is, NOT the page some people might think it should be, or can be!

    Continue on to submit your site!