Welcome to Miss Generous Award Site!

If you have been here before, Thanks for stopping by again! You also might like to know what's happened around here.

We have a whole new layout, new awards, new outlook, and a new attitude!
Dont be scared though, We are still nice here, and will take on a view when looking around your site with an open mind!

And that's our segway to get to exactly what you want, why else would you be here?

We have some award rules, just basic, nothing over the top or too demanding, just rules that give people out there a happy surfing experience on your master peice.

Also, have a look at the awards, I'm sorry, Don't offer individual awards as once did, that got too complicated as the site owners out there are all so wonderful in what they do, I started to run out of ideas on how to say "FANTASTIC!".

But nevertheless, they are still great.
And if you can't find an award that suits your site or style, submit it anyway!
If I really don't have something for your site, I will create a whole new one.

I think that's all you need to know... So get going! I'm waiting to find out about your site!

Miss Generous.